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Iranian Churches


Iran as a country in the middle east is probably known for having a lot of mosques which is not an incorrect idea. But surprisingly we have many beautiful churches as well. Christianity has a long history in the middle east and Iran, and we have had even Christian kings and queens during the ancient times like Parthian or Sassanid periods. The relation with Persian Empires and Christians mainly has been influenced by the relationship between the two great empires of Sassanid and Rome until the invasion of Arabs in the 7th century and the end of the Persian Empire. Right [...]

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Iranian Vegetarian Dishes


Being a vegetarian, or cutting back on the consumption of meat, is becoming more and more a trend all over the world. Not only it is good for health but also it is good or even necessary for the planet. However, respecting a diet during the travel is always a challenge, especially if you want to try the local dishes and get familiar with the taste of the country. You might have heard that it is not easy to be vegetarian in Iran, there is meat in most of the dishes and sometimes it is not possible to find something other [...]

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Essential Persian phrases to know before visiting Iran


The Persian language is an Indo-European language, therefore despite what many might believe, it is not the Arabic language, although many Arabic words entered the language as well as English and even French words. Persian or Farsi is one of the languages spoken in Iran and the only official language of the country. However, Persian is being spoken in other countries such as Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and several other Persian speaking minorities in Uzbekistan. I said, “One of the languages” in Iran since many other languages and dialects are being spoken currently in every corner of Iran by different groups and ethnics, [...]

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Saffron: The Iranian Red Gold


Iranian Saffron Everybody knows Saffron as the red gold or the most precious and expensive spice by weight, and a kind of ingredient which needs special knowledge to deal with, or a kind of spice that you do not know how to consume it anyway and prefer to avoid it and admire it in a dish in a restaurant. Saffron in Iran is well known as an Iranian spice, and it comes as quite a surprise for Iranian once they learn that it is limitedly cultivated in other countries like China, Spain, Morocco and even in France. The Iranian Saffron, however, [...]

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Are Iranians Arabs?


Are Iranians Arabs? When you live in the middle east you know very well the meaning of stereotypes and mixing right and wrong ideas and information. One of the biggest stereotypes that I get from foreigners when I travel abroad or on the first day when I greet my foreigner guests, is that Iranians are Arab and Iran is an Arab country. well that it not entirely true and in this article I am going to explain this. Middle east, the bleeding heart of the planet Iran is located in one of the most important geopolitical regions of the world, where [...]

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The Best Time to Travel to Iran


Iran is known as the country of four-season among the Iranians, since we can enjoy a variety of climate during the year and plan our weekends in winter for a trip to south and enjoy the Persian Gulf, or a holiday in northwestern Iran and escape the hot weather of summer in the capital, or enjoy a night staying in the desert during autumn. So if you ask me when is the right season for traveling to Iran, I would say there is always a right time! Dariyan Village in Kermanshah Province However, for a first comer to Iran, [...]

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the Persian culture of hospitality


Thinking of the most attractive place in Iran, I cannot think of any place as attractive as Iranians’ heart. I have encountered many foreigners from different nationalities who have traveled in Iran and told me about the places they have seen, the great Persian food they have eaten, the varied nature of Iran, but one thing they were all agreed about is the population, the charming Iranians with their smiles and friendliness, their curious looks and questions, their honest invitations for a cup of tea or even a meal. It seems they have opened the window of their soul to any [...]

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Internet in Iran; Limitations and Solutions


toute application peut fonctionner avec les services Internet iraniens We live in a world that not being connected is like to be deaf or blind, most of us do not remember the last time that we were disconnected from the world wide web for more than one complete day, so it is normal that one of the main concerns of travelers to Iran is how to stay connected in order to check the news, to send photos and their news to their family or to simply check the google maps to see where is the nearest restaurant! During the [...]

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Iranian National Tradition of Picnic


  Iranian families gathering around the big pots of stew The thirteenth day of the new Iranian year (usually about 2nd April), is the national day of Picnic, known in Persian calendar as the day of Nature, when all of the Iranian families are packing their lunch and going out in a park and even further and outside the city to spend the day and finish the vacation of the new year. This day is dedicated to celebrating the refreshment of nature at the beginning of the spring, as well as ending the Persian New Year Celebrations with a [...]

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Iranian Bread


  In every country or region, despite the high variety of foods and meals, there is a base. In many European countries it is potato, in East Asian countries it is rice, and in my country since the prehistoric era, it is wheat. The bread made of wheat or as we call it in Persian NAN is not only the base of our foods and nutrition in Iran, but it has a sacred place among Iranians. I remember that my grandparents and my parents told me to never throw away bread with other garbage, or if you see a piece of [...]

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