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Dreams of Iran

Discovering ancient and contemporary Iran

Dreams of Iran is a cultural travel agency created by experienced Iranian tour guides in order to provide travellers with original itineraries to discover the ancient Persian civilizations seasoned with the hospitality of the Iranian people. While the general phenomenal cultural heritage and the long history of Iran are well known, it is nevertheless its population that represents the real treasure of this country, so curious and caring for travellers, hoping on their return that they will bring home the friendly greetings of the Iranian people. Despite the generally negative treatment of this country in the media and therefore a long way from mass tourism, Iran offers an incomparable field of exploration and variety of scenery.

Dreams of Iran is also very aware of the social dimension of its activity, and therefore gives fair remuneration to all its collaborators and partners, whether they be guides, drivers or restaurants while trying to promote economic activity within local Iranian communities.


The symbol of our agency is drawn from a late Sassanid period (7th century AD) golden silver dish, decorated with the senmerv motif, the ancestor of the simorgh.

Dreams of Iran Travel Agency

The Simorgh is a kind of phoenix in Iranian mythology, regularly involved in the stories of the 1001 nights or in the Book of the Kings of Ferdowsi, in which he regularly helps heroes such as Zal or Rostam. This mythical bird was later taken up in Sufi poetry, such as the Song of Birds of Attar, object of the birds’ initiatory quest and divine metaphor.